My name is Karen and I have been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist since 2014.


College I completed by undergraduate degrees at UC Berkeley (go Bears!), double majoring in Nutritional Sciences&Dietetics as well as Psychology. I had a feeling early on that counseling and one-on-one interactions were where I wanted my career to go, helping me to choose my areas of study.

Dietetic Internship To become a dietitian, you need to complete 1200 hours of supervised practice after you get your Bachelor’s. It’s basically med school for dietitians. I completed my internship at beautiful Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where we got tons of hands-on learning experience. We did rotations in the hospital, in dialysis centers, at schools, in food service facilities…the list goes on! I chose to apply to Cal Poly because of the wellness emphasis the program offered, again paralleling my desired career path!

Work I worked predominantly as a clinical dietitian for 2 years, first at a long-term acute care hospital, where I oversaw the nutrition of critical care patients. The majority of these were complex cases, suffering from multiple issues at once: respiratory failure after a stroke with preexisting diabetes and end-stage kidney disease, now with major pressure ulcers is just one, long-winded example! I also worked in acute-care settings (like your local community hospital), but found the touch-and-go nature of the job unappealing.

The most meaningful work I have done is as an outpatient health education dietitian with both Kaiser UC Berkeley. I loved counseling, I enjoyed the relationships I established with patients, I invited the challenge to help people see that they could build their abilities and accomplish their goals! Giving people the information they need and want to achieve their health and wellness goals fulfilled me to the nth degree!

Capture2Now I’ve recently completed my master’s degree to build my background in psychology so I can approach wellness promotion with an even deeper understanding of the forces at play in behavior change and maintenance. I am working towards my goal of providing education, resources, and information that is relevant, applicable, and sustainable.

I hope to share my passion for wellness with you. Please feel free to contact me at karen.johal@gmail.com if you’d like to learn more and see what services I can provide!